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bullet Embossed Leather Belts
bullet Hand Tooled Leather Belts
bullet Western Hatbands
bullet Holsters & Pistol Belts        
bullet Billfolds/Wallets (Standard, Trifold, Biker, Roper)  
bullet Ladies Clutch Purses          
bullet Checkbook  Covers  
bullet Card  Holder  and  Money  Clip
bullet Cell  Phone Case
bullet Watch  Bands
bullet Key  Fob 
bullet Guitar  Strap
bullet Dog  Collar
bullet Rifle  Sling
bullet Ladies Handbags/Purses
bullet Knife Sheaths & Pouches
bullet Tablet PC Cases
bullet Multi-Tool & Mini-Flashlight Holder
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bullet Leather Stamps

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I  have  been  doing  custom  leatherwork  most of my life. I didn't  start                                                                                                     
doing  it  full  time  until  I  was permanently disabled. I am  also  at  this                                                                                                                         
time  teaching  others  to  do  leather craft.
Hand tooled leather carving                                                                                                                             
is slowly becoming a lost art.                                                                                                                                                                                                           

Don't be mislead! You will find many leather craft items that say "hand-
tooled"  but  they  are  embossed. If I say mine are "hand tooled", they
are  hand  tooled  using  leather  craft  stamping  tools.  I do sell some
embossed items and that is clearly stated. 

Hand tooling leather takes skill, and many years of practice. Leather is
carved  by sketching the  drawing onto the leather, the artist then cuts
the  pattern  into  the  softened  skin/hide  with a Swivel Knife and then 
carves it with Stamping Tools and a rawhide, wood or poly mallet.

The tools shown below are not for sale. They are for illustration purposes only.

  Swivel Knife      Swivel Knife blade. Blades come in various sizes and shapes.


Several types of Stamping Tools are used throughout the process, depending
on  the intricacy of the design. Some of the most popular tools used by leather
crafters  are:  The Beveler, The Camouflage, The Pear Shader, The Veiner, The
Backgrounder  and  The  Seeder
.  When  the  tooling  process  is complete, the
leather is either dyed or stained and then sealed with a finish.

All  of  the  below  pictured  tools  come  in  various sizes and shapes. There are
many other tools used that are not pictured. I have well over 250 stamping tools
that are used in various phases of hand stamping.

     Beveler           Camouflage        Pear Shader           Veiner         Backgrounder       Seeder


If stitching is required the product is hand stitched using one of many methods,
depending  on  the  article. Some  popular  stitching  methods  are  The  Double
Stitch, The Running Stitch, The Whip Stitch or The Backstitch.

All lacing is done with leather lace unless clearly stated otherwise.

It often takes many hours to complete a hand tooled leather item.

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