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Disabled American Veterans           My logo is hand tooled from a 10" x 10" piece of leather


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The Belts pictured are for illustration purposes only.
I can make one similar to this. I try to never make two alike, so each one will be unique.

If you want the belt dyed more than one color please contact me for price.  The price will be more for the extra time involved in the dying process.
Note: Natural and a background color is considered as one color.

For waist size larger than 42 inches please contact me at: eaglecustomleathercraft@eaglefreeenterprises

$66.00 Personalized plain leather belt with initials or name 1-1/2" wide (up to 42" waist). 11000 01
$178.00 Hand tooled leather belt. 1-1/2" wide  (up to 42" waist). 11000 02
190.00 Personalized Hand tooled leather belt 1-1/2" wide (up to 42" waist). 11000 03

The belts shown below are for illustration purposes only. I can make you one similar.

Belt 01. This belt is hand tooled and has US Special Forces stamped
on it and two eagles facing each other in the middle.

Belt 02. This belt is hand tooled with and oak leaf design with a horse
head in the center and a horse head and  three acorns on the tip.



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After dying or staining all of my leather products are coated with a protective finish.

If you would like something custom made to your specifications, initials, name or etc., after placing order please contact me at eaglecustomleathercraft@eaglefreeenterprises with further instruction. For custom made leather products we need to have good communication so I can supply exactly what you want. Information I will need: waist size, color and name or initial if personalized.

These belts are solid leather

Detailed Hand Tooling:
These hand-tooled/handmade belts look great for dress or everyday use.
Because the Belts are hand made from start to finish no two will ever be exactly alike. 

Made to Last
All feature expert craftsmanship and only the best quality materials. Most belts sold today are made cheap, some you see are composed of layers sewn together, some even with cardboard. We don't do that. Our belts are a single piece of leather approximately 5/32 thick strap (9-10 oz cowhide) of the finest leather, making them extremely long-wearing.

All belts have 5 or 6 holes for buckle, the the third hole from the end is your waist size.

When Choosing a belt it's important to know how belts are normally measured for size. Most belts are normally measured from where the belt leather folds at the buckle end to the middle hole at the tip end. For most belts measured using the above formula you would want to choose your belt Apx. 2" larger than your waist measurement, of course I would suggest you measure your waist at the level where you would wear your belt. Some people will measure the overall length of their current belt "tip to tip" but this does not always accurately help you to tell which size belt you need as of the difference in lengths of different buckles. On some belts which are made before a buckle is attached you may need to buy your belt the same size as your waist or pants size, this would be the case where the belt is a certain size but has a large - long buckle added to it, a large buckle can add over 2 inches to the belts size so as an example a size 34" belt could become a size 36" or even larger. You should never hesitate to ask questions when in doubt.

Use this diagram:
Measure from where the leather bends around the buckle to the hole you use the most.

The result will be a belt that will fit you with 2 holes on either side of where you will wear it for flexibility.
The belt size is NOT the total length of a belt, it is to the center hole of the finished belt.

Note: Some large buckles can add 2 or more inches to the length



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