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About Doc Holiday
About Wyatt Earp

About Virgil Earp

About Morgan Earp

About James Earp

About Warren Earp

About Newton Earp

About William "Curley Bill" Brocius (outlaw)

About Billy Claiborne (outlaw)

About Pete Spence (outlaw)

About Ike Clanton (outlaw)

About Phin Clanton (outlaw)

About Johnny Ringo (outlaw)

About "Old Man" Clanton" (outlaw)

Frank Stillwell (outlaw)

About Frank McLaury (outlaw killed at the OK Corral)
About Tom McLaury (outlaw killed at the OK Corral)

About Billy Clanton (outlaw killed at the OK Corral)

About Johnny Behan (Sheriff)

William Breckinridge (Deputy Sheriff)

About Fred White (Marshal)
About George Parson

About Wells Spicer (Judge)

About George Goodfellow MD

About Nellie Cashman (Angel Of Mercy)

About Big Nose Kate (prostitute & Doc Holiday's girlfriend)

About Ed Schieffelin

About John Clum (editor/publisher of Tombstone Epitaph)


Morgan Earps Death In The Tombstone Epitaph
Tombstone Epitaph Story The Day After The OK Corral Shootout

Tombstone Pioneers Burial Place
Mistakes In The Movie Tombstone

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NAME                                    DIED  (AGE)                     CEMETERY

Burt Alvord                           1912           Honduras (deputy sheriff / outlaw)

William Alexander               1880           Boothill, Tombstone AZ (killed by a premature blast while prospecting)

George Warren Atkins       1888            Boothill, Tombstone AZ (miner)

Johnny Barnes                   1882           Charleston Arizona Cemetery (Unmarked grave)

Jonathon Barton                1881           Boothill, Tombstone AZ

John Beather                       1881           Boothill, Tombstone AZ (hanged)

Johnny Behan                     1912   (67)  Holy Hope Cemetery, Tucson AZ  Catholic Cemetery (Sheriff)

Albert Behan  ?                                        Arizona Pioneer Cemetery, Prescott Arizona. (Son of John Behan)

Albert Bennett                     1883            Boothill, Tombstone (Teamsters Bennett and Scott were ambushed by Indians)

W.C. Bennett                       1882            Boothill, Tombstone AZ (heart trouble, native of England)

George C. Berry  Feb. 12, 1892           Tombstone City Cemetery (shot through the leg when Morgan  Earp was murdered in 1882)

Thomas J. Bidwell  July 8, 1880 (45) Gold Hill, Nevada Cemetery Tombstone townsite founder, first mayor

Carl (Gus) Bilicke              1896            Rosedale Cemetery Los Angeles CA

Albert Bilicke         May 7, 1915   (65)  Entombed in Lusitania (ship)

Eliz. Billings                       1886             Boothill, Tombstone AZ

Joe Bignon                           ?                Pearce Cemetery, Pearce AZ (Tombstone variety show owner)

Frank Bowles                    1880            Boothill, Tombstone AZ -

Edward Lyter Bradshaw    (gravesite unknown) Miner from Nevada, born in Kentucky (shot his prospecting friend and cabin mate Tom J. Waters in July 1880 after an argument over a blue and black checked shirt, Bradshaw was acquitted in Sept.1880)

Steve Brammer                 1882           Boothill, Tombstone AZ

Jonas V. Brighton  Sept. 28, 1928   Veterans Cemetery, Los Angeles CA (suspected killer of Ike Clanton)

Curly Bill Brocius  Mar. 24, 1882      Patterson Ranch in southern Arizona, or somewhere in Mexico?

Ernest Brodines               1882           Boothill, Tombstone (murdered) A miner, native of Germany

Clara S. Brown                 1935 (82)    Upper Montclair, New Jersey (writer)

Mrs. R.L. Brown               1882            Boothill, Tombstone AZ (natural death)

Bill Browning                   1899 (74)    Dos Cabezas, Arizona

Billy Breakenridge          1931 (85)    Evergreen Cemetery, Tucson, Arizona

Pat Byrne                          1882            Boothill, Tombstone Arizona (pneumonia)

Billy Byers         Oct. 30, 1949            Lebanon Cemetery, north of Cortez, Colorado (survived the attack when Old Man Clanton was killed August 13, 1881)

Mrs. R.B. Campbell        1882            Boothill, Tombstone, AZ (suspect poisoning)

Malcolm Campbell         1882            Boothill, Tombstone, AZ (pneumonia)

Alfred Cantrell                 1881            Boothill, Tombstone AZ (murdered by a man named Brown who was later hanged for his crime.

Eugene Asa Carr  Dec. 2, 1910        Buried at West Point Namesake of Carr Peak, Cochise County

John Carr             May 27, 1896         Myrtle Grobe Cemetery, Eureka, Calif. (Tombstone blacksmith & Mayor in 1882)

William Carpenter          1881            Boothill, Tombstone AZ (Nephritis, Baptist Minister in Tombstone)

Ellen (Nellie) Cashman 1925 (81)   Ross Bay – Victoria British Columbia, Canada (Angel of the mining camp)

David Cassidine            1879            Boothill, Tombstone – (killed)

Bronco Charlie              1880’s         Boothill, Tombstone AZ (shot by Ormsby, real name unknown)

Ah Chum aka “China Mary” 1906  Boothill, Tombstone, Arizona (Chinese merchant and brothel owner)

James Clark                   1889 (65)   Washington DC, Congress Cemetery (Tombstone townsite founder)

Richard “Dick” Clark   1893           Tombstone City Cemetery (Gambler & Alhambra Saloon owner)

Billy Clanton   Oct. 26, 1881 (19)    Boothill, Tombstone, Arizona (murdered behind the OK Corral)

Joseph Isaac “Ike” Clanton 1887   Apache County, Arizona

Phineas “Phin” Clanton  Jan. 5, 1906  Globe Cemetery, Globe Arizona

Newman Haynes Clanton  August 13, 1881 Boothill, Tombstone, Arizona “Known as “Old Man” Clanton

Mary Elsie Clanton Stanley Mar. 28, 1916  Lowell Evergreen Cemetery Bisbee, Arizona (Old Man Clanton’s daughter)

Hester Ann Clanton Smith Feb 15, 1919  Sacramento City Cemetery, Sacramento CA (Old Man Clanton’s youngest daughter)

Simon Constantine    1882            Boothill, Tombstone AZ (killed with Thos. Kerney during a blast)

H.B. Cook                     1882            Boothill, Tombstone, AZ

Thos. Cowan               1881            Boothill, Tombstone (Diphtheria, 11 months old)

Mrs. Clum                     1880            Boothill, Tombstone AZ  (John Clums wife)

John Clum           May 1932           Forest Lawn Cemetery, Glendale, Calif. (Fourth Mayor/ Epitaph Editor)

Billy Clairborne  Nov. 15, 1882 (22) Boothill, Tombstone, Arizona (shot by Leslie)

Milton Clapp   July 22, 1892 (44) Rosedale Cemetery, Los Angeles, Calif. (suicide / cremated)

Jim Crane   Aug. 13, 1881  Guadalupe Canyon, Cloverdale, New Mexico. Buried on the Gray Ranch

Peter Crawley           1881               Boothill, Tombstone AZ  (killed)

Sandy Bob Crouch 1900               Unknown location in Mexico

Hans Christianson  1891               Boothill, Tombstone AZ

Christina B. Christianson 1892   Boothill, Tombstone AZ

Harry Curry              1882               Boothill, Tombstone AZ (killed with Seymour Dye while hauling hay)

Crawley Dake          1910               Citizens Cemetery, Prescott, Arizona

Lewis H. Daves “Lew” 1882       Boothill, Tombstone AZ (cause of death Unknown, age 25, Tombstone attorney and miner said to have built Tombstone’s first adobe building on fourth Street, which served as a barber shop.

Bill Delaney   Mar. 8, 1884            Boothill, Tombstone – legally hanged

A. Deloach               1882               Boothill, Tombstone AZ

Deron                        1880’s           Boothill, Tombstone AZ (full name unknown. Shot by Slaughter while resisting arrest for his part in a train robbery)

Fredrick "Fred" James Dodge  Dec. 16, 1938 (84) Boerne, Texas

May Doody               1881               Boothill, Tombstone (Diphtheria)

Dan Dowd   Mar. 8, 1884              Boothill, Tombstone – legally hanged

Minnie Dowe            1881               Boothill, Tombstone, AZ

John Dunbar           1910               Phoenix, Arizona

Jack Dunlap           1880’s             Boothill, Tombstone AZ (shot by Jeff Milton during an attempted train robbery. Lived long
enough to squeal on his friends who left him to die. Aka 3-Fingered Jack

Seymour Dye         1882               Boothill, Tombstone AZ (shot by Indians with Harry Curry, while driving a hay wagon)

Dutch Annie            1883               Boothill, Tombstone  (Brothel madam)

Allie Earp                 1947 (98)      Mountain View Cemetery, San Bernardino California (Virgil’s first wife)

James Earp   Jan. 25, 1926 (84)  Mountain View Cemetery, San Bernardino, California

Mattie Blaylock Earp  1888 (30)   Pinal, Arizona, wyatt’s 2nd wife

Morgan Earp   Mar. 18, 1882 (31) Hermosa Cemetery, Colton California

Louisa Earp Peters  1894 (36)    Evergreen Cemetery, East Los Angeles, CA

Nicholas Earp        1907 (94)        Veterans Cemetery, West Los Angeles, CA (Earps father)

Virgil Earp  Oct. 19, 1905 (62)      Riverview Cemetery, Portland, Oregon

Virginia A. Earp       1893 (72)       Pioneer Cemetery, San Bernardino, CA (Earps mother)

Warren Earp           1900 (45)        Pioneer Cemetery, Wilcox, Arizona

Wyatt Earp   Jan. 13, 1929 (80) Hills of Eternity Cemetery Colma, Calif.

Josie Earp   Dec. 19, 1944 (84) Hills of Eternity Cemetery Colma, Calif.

Adelia Earp Edwards  ?              Mountain View Cemetery, San Bernardino, California. (sister of Wyatt Earp)

Robert Allen English  1937        Tombstone City Cemetery (attorney)

Charlie O. Faricot  1899 (50)      Pomona, Calif. Unmarked (first photographer)

Thomas Edwin Farish  Oct. 29, 1919  Los Angeles, California – mining boss

Artemus Fay   1906 (61)              Fresno, California (Nugget Newspaper Editor)

Elliott L. Ferguson   1914 (72)  (aka Pete Spence) Globe Cemetery, Globe AZ

Edward Nye Fish  Dec. 18, 1914  Tucson, Arizona – (Brunckow Mine claimant)

Tom Fitch   Nov. 12, 1901 (85)    Alameda County, California

Thos. Fitzhugh          1882           Boothill, Tombstone AZ (found dead in a water closet in the back of Mrs. Kings lodging house on Toughnut Street, where he roomed.

Judah Florentine  Mar. 22, 1882  Boothill, Tombstone – aka Florentino Cruz & Indian Charlie, murdered by Wyatt Earp

Camillus Sidney Fly  Oct. 12, 1901  Tombstone City Cemetery (Photographer #3)

George Fryer             1881            Boothill, Tombstone AZ

Wes Fuller                 1923             Nogales, Arizona (gambler)

Freddie Fuss            1882             Boothill, Tombstone AZ (small boy who drank stagnant or poison mine water)

Eliphalet Butler Gage  1913 (72)  Hermosa Beach, California – mine owner

J.J. Gardner   Jan. 11, 1882        Boothill, Tombstone – shot in railroad camp on babacomari and died in Tombstone at age 42. Wagon master, born in Ohio

John Gibbons          1881            Boothill, Tombstone AZ (wagon accident crushed his skull)

John Gibson            1882            Boothill, Tombstone AZ (“he climbed the Golden stairs on the fumes from a pan of Charcoal”

Eli B. Gifford             1908           Mt. Hope Cemetery, San Diego, CA (Wyatt Earp’s friend, gambler & miner)

John Alexander Gillespie March 1882  Boothill, Tombstone AZ (was Cochise County Sheriff less than twelve hours when killed at Chandler Milk Ranch trying to arrest Billy Grounds and Zwing Hunt, suspected killers of
Martin Peel. He died instantly when Hunt shot him in the head.

Richard Gird            1910 (74)   Rosedale Cemetery, Los Angeles, CA  (Cremated Niche 92) Co-founder of Tombstone mining district. Founded Chino California in 1882

Dr. George E. Goodfellow Dec. 7, 1910 (55) Rosedale Cemetery, Los Angeles, cremated

George M. Goodfellow ?         Tombstone City Cemetery, Tombstone AZ (Infant son of Dr.Goodfellow of Tombstone)

J. Goldtree   Dec. 10, 1897      San Francisco, Calif. – Tombstone cigar store owner

John Pleasant Gray   1943 (82)   Inglewood Park Cemetery, Los Angeles, CA (Cremated)

Michael Gray         1906 (79)    Greenlawn Cemetery, Colma, California Tombstone townsite founder

Verone Gray          1880’s         Boothill, Tombstone (suicide)

William Grounds “Billy” 1882   Boothill, Tombstone (shot in the face with a shot gun, by an officer questioning him about the Martin Peel murder)

Thomas C. Gregory   1882      Boothill, Tombstone AZ (owned Tombstone’s Gregory’s Restaurant at 410 Fremont, born in England

Gregory 1882   Boothill, Tombstone AZ  son of  Thos. Gregory who died of meningitis

Halderman Bros.  Nov. 16, 1900  Boothill, Tombstone – (hanged)

Louis Hancock      1879           Boothill, Tombstone AZ (shot by John Ringo in bar room brawl in stafford Arizona, the
fight allegedly started over a disparaging remark about a lady)

Frank Hart              1882           Boothill, Tombstone (shot with Jackson and Serroux over a mining claim)

William Arthur Harwood 1913 (64)  Tombstone City Cemetery (2nd Mayor)

Mary Katherine Harony Nov. 2, 1940  Pioneer Cemetery, Prescott Arizona. Doc Holliday’s girlfriend, aka Big Nose Kate, Aka Kate Elder & Mary Katherine Cummings.

John Heath   Feb. 22, 1884     Boothill, Tombstone – lynched by Bisbee mob

Charles Helm   1882                Boothill, Tombstone AZ  horse rancher on ranch in the dragoon mountains, 34 years old
(shot by Wm. McCauley)

Marcus Flenoy Herring May 22, 1910  Sawtelle, California – miner

Judge Wm Herring  1912       Evergreen Cemetery, Tucson, Arizona

William “Colonel” Herring 1900   Evergreen Cemetery, Tucson Arizona (Tombstone attorney)

James patrick Hickey  sept 1881  Boothill, Tombstone – first resident  listed on stowe street in Charleston, allegedly shot by Wm. Clairborne in Charleston

John Hick   1878   Boothill, Tombstone, Arizona – (killed by Jeremiah McCormick at Watervale july 6, 1878 following a card game argument with William Quinn. Buried in the only white shirt found in Tombstone, belonging to Dr. D. S. Chamberlain, a visitor.  Lucky Cuss Mine manager

Hilly Hickson          1882        Boothill, Tombstone AZ  (school boy died of injuries after falling off a pair of stilts)

John Henry “Doc” Holliday Nov. 8, 1887 (36) Glenwood Springs, Colorado

Henry Clay Hooker  Dec. 5, 1907  Los Angeles, California

Tex Howard   Mar. 8, 1884  Boothill, Tombstone – legally hanged

J.W.  Houten    1878   Boothill, Tombstone – aka Van Houten  (killed by unknown assailants at Brunckow Mine, November 1878. Frank Stilwell and James Cassidy were arrested but acquitted.  Allegedly beaten to death over a disputed mining claim.

Amazon C. Howell  Aug. 20, 1890  Tombstone City Cemetery, Tombstone AZ  (John Slaughters father in-law)

Zwing Hunt   1883   San Antonio, Texas

William J. Hunsaker  1933 (78)  Contra Costa County, Calif. (attorney)

Quong Gee Kee “Wan” Jan. 1938  Boothill, Tombstone Arizona. (Can Can Restaurant owner)

Thos. Kearny   1882   Boothill, Tombstone AZ (killed with Simon Constantine during a blast)

Dan Kelley   Mar. 8, 1884  Boothill, Tombstone – legally hanged

Miles E. Kellogg  1882   Boothill, Tombstone, AZ (natural death) Saloon keeper, age 44

Kansas Kid   1880’s   Boothill, Tombstone AZ (killed in a stampede, cowboy’s real name unknown)

Mike Killeen   June 22, 1880 (32) Boothill, Tombstone Arizona (Killed by Frank Leslie over a disagreement about Killeen’s wife, Leslie married his widow)

John D. Kinnear  1916   Pioneer Cemetery, Prescott, Arizona

Bill King 1880’s   Boothill, Tombstone AZ (shot by Burt Alvord, aka Cowboy Bill King. saloon keeper)

Jack King   1880’s   Boothill, Tombstone AZ (shot by Cherokee Hall)

John King   1881   Boothill, Tombstone (suicide by strychinine)

Billy Kinsman   1883   Boothill, Tombstone AZ (shot by a woman who was jealously in love with him)

Helentina Kohler  1882   Boothill, Tombstone AZ

Lathan Kohler   1884   Boothill, Tombstone AZ

Ralph Kohler   1882   Boothill, Tombstone AZ

Frank Leslie   1940 (98)  Unknown gravesite in USA

Douglas Lilly   1881   Boothill, Tombstone AZ (wagon accident driving for the Sycamore Water Co.)

Judge Chas. Lindley  Sept. 1882   Boothill, Tombstone AZ

Stinging Lizard  1880’s   Boothill, Tombstone AZ (shot by Cherokee Hall)

M. Lopez   1880   Boothill, Tombstone AZ  (Charcoal fumes in a closed room)

Holo Lucero   1882   Boothill, Tombstone AZ  (killed by Indians)

Patrick J. Lynch  1883   Boothill, Tombstone AZ  (Tombstone saloon keeper located at 309 Allen St)

Bobby Jackson  1882   Boothill, Tombstone AZ  (shot with Hart and Serroux over mining claim)

James K. Johnson “Jim”   May 1881 aka Henry Johnson and George Johnson.  Boothill Graveyard, accidentally shot himself at Galeyville, died of his wounds a few days later.  Miner and resident of Charleston.

John Johnson “Jack”  1887   Salt Lake City, Utah – aka john Blount Aka Turkey Creek Johnson

Six Shooter Jim  1885   Boothill, Tombstone Az (shot by Burt Alvord real name unknown)

Milton E. Joyce  Nov. 29, 1899 (42) Colma Cemetery, San Francisco, CA

John Mackenzie  1881   Boothill, Tombstone AZ

Jos. Manada   1882   Boothill, Tombstone AZ

Margarita    1880’s   Boothill, Tombstone (dance hall girl, real name unknown, stabbed by another girl)

Robert Lee Majors   Dec. 23, 1984  Tombstone City Cemetery, Tombstone AZ (aka Chief Nino Cochise)

John Martin   1882   Boothill, Tombstone AZ  (killed working on Huachuca water line, naïve of England)

Bat Masterson   Oct. 25, 1921 (57) Woodlawn Cemetery, New York City, NY

M. McAllister   1882   Boothill, Tombstone, AZ (sustained a lung injury when shot during a fight over a piece of
land.  Went to Tombstone to recover, but died of the injury.  Aka Happy Jack

M. McCarthy    1882   Boothill, Tombstone AZ (shot by a man named Poplin, miner)

J.D. McDermott  1882   Boothill, Tombstone AZ (horse accident fractured his spinal column)

Frank McLaury  Oct. 26, 1881  Boothill, Tombstone Arizona

Tom McLaury   Oct. 26, 1881  Boothill, Tombstone Arizona

William R. McLaury  Feb. 16, 1913  Fairlawn Cemetery, Snyder, Oklahoma

James McMartin  1881   Boothill, Tombstone AZ (rapid consumption)

Sherman w. McMaster  1898   Philippines – U.S. Army

McNemony   1882   Boothill, Tombstone AZ (shot, full name unknown)

Dr. Henry Mathews  1886 (61)   Tombstone City Cemetery (Tombstone’s first doctor)

Jeff Milton   1947   Ashes scattered 15 miles south of Tucson Arizona (lawman)

H. B. Mead   1881   Boothill, Tombstone ( 42 year old blacksmith found dead in rear seat of a coach)

US Marshal Wm Meade  March 14, 1918 (67) Tombstone Cemetery (unmarked grave)

John M. Montgomery  May 26, 1909  Tombstone Cemetery – (OK Corral co-owner unmarked grave)

Thos. Morgan   1882   Boothill, Tombstone AZ

Lester Moore   1880’s   Boothill, Tombstone AZ (gunfight over a package, both men died.  Wells Fargo agent in Naco)

David Neagle “Dave”    Nov. 28, 1925  Oakland, California (1882 Tombstone Chief Of Police)

John Marshall Nichols 1920   Napa, California  (Crystal Palace Saloon Faro dealer)

Ben Olleney   1881   Boothill, Tombstone AZ (shot by Chacon)

Joe Olney   Dec. 3, 1884  Desert Rest Cemetery, Bowie AZ  (Clanton business associate)

Daniel Owyer   1881   Boothill, Tombstone AZ (drowned)

Alfred Packrel  1882   Boothill, Tombstone AZ (inflammation of the bowels, 24 year old English miner)

Sheriff Bob Paul  1901 (71)  Holy Hope Cemetery, Tucson, Arizona

George W. Parsons  1933 (82)  Evergreen Cemetery, East Los Angeles

Endicott Peabody  1944 (87)  Groton, Massachusetts (preacher)

B.L. Peel, Judge  1899 (81)  Evergreen Cemetery, East Los Angeles

Pesquira   1881   Boothill, Tombstone AZ (full name unknown)

Martin Ruter Peel  Mar. 25, 1882  Boothill, Tombstone AZ (mining engineer shot at work. Zwing Hunt & Billy Grounds were both suspects of the murder.

Eli “Bud” Philpot  Mar. 15, 1881  Pioneer Cemetery, Calistoga, California

Louis Rickabaugh  1920   San Francisco, California

Jim Riley   1881   Boothill, Tombstone AZ  (murdered)

Richard “Dick” Rule   1908   Carlsbad, New Mexico (Nugget Editor)

Alder Randall   1896 (49)  Little Lake, Downey California (3rd Mayor)

G. Renacco   1882   Boothill, Tombstone AZ  (fell from a cliff)

Charles Reppy   1919    Los Angeles, Calif. (Epitaph Editor)

Guadalupe Robles  1880’s   Boothill, Tombstone AZ (shot by officers trying to arrest robbers who were seeking shelter in his house, one of which was his brother)

Rook    1880’s   Boothill, Tombstone (shot on Fremont Street by a Chinese man, full name unknown)

Rosenthal   1881   Boothill, Tombstone AZ (full name unknown)

C.O. Ridgeway  1882   Boothill, Tombstone AZ (found dead in a wagon along side the road)

Peter Ringo   ?   Old Centerville Cemetery, Centerville Ind. (John Ringo’s grandfather)

Margaret Ringo  ?   Old Centerville Cemetery, Centerville Ind. (John Ringo’s grandmother)

Martin Ringo   ?   Near Glenrock, Wyoming (John Ringos father)

John Ringo   July 1882 (32)  Turkey Creek Canyon, Arizona

Gov. Anson Safford  Dec. 15, 1891 (61) Tarpon Springs, Florida. Arizona territory governer 1869. Original owner of Tombstone Townsite Co.

Comer W. “Red” Sample Mar. 8, 1884  Boothill, Tombstone – legally hanged

Sheriff Charles Shibell Oct. 21, 1908  Evergreen Cemetery, Tucson Arizona

Ben Scott   1883   Boothill, Tombstone AZ (Teamsters Scott & Al Bennett were ambushed by Indians)

Edward Schieffelin  1897 (49)  Schieffelin Monument, Tombstone

Albert Schieffelin  1885 (34)  Odd Fellows (100F) East Los Angeles, CA

Frank Serroux   1882   Boothill, Tombstone AZ (shot with Jackson and Hart over a mining claim)

Luke Short   Sept. 8, 1893 (39) Oakwood Cemetery, Fort Worth Texas

John Slaughter   Feb. 16, 1922 (81) Calvary Cemetery, Douglas, Arizona (Cochise County, Arizona Sheriff 1886)

Mrs. H.C. Smith  1882   Boothill, Tombstone AZ

Marcus A. Smith  1924   Cynthiana, Kentucky (attorney)

Peter Smith   1882   Boothill, Tombstone AZ  - killed by Thos. Doland during a fight

Francis Southy  1881   Boothill, Tombstone AZ

Judge Wells Spicer  1887 (54)  Quijotoa, Arizona (suicide)

Harvey Asa Stebbins  1899 (60)  Tombstone Cemetery - miner

Frank Stillwell   1882 (26)  Evergreen Cemetery, Tucson Arizona

Webster Street   1908 (61)  Inglewood Park, Los Angeles California. (Tombstone attorney)

Charlie Storms  Feb. 25, 1881  Boothill, Tombstone AZ (shot in a gunfight in front of the Oriental Saloon by Luke Short

Mrs. Stump   1884   Boothill, Tombstone, AZ (overdose of chloroform by doctor during child birth)

Jerry Sullivan   1881   Boothill, Tombstone AZ

Wm. Summers   1882   Boothill, Tombstone, AZ (found dead with a blow on his back that ruptured his liver)

Miles Sweeney  1880   Boothill, Tombstone AZ (murdered)

Jonathan N. Thacker  Jan 3, 1913  Oakland, Calif.  Wells Fargo & Co. Special agent & detective in Tombstone

Jos. Thomas   1881   Boothill, Tombstone AZ (allegedly shot by Indian Joe, a fellow teamster wagon driver)

Ben Thompson  Mar. 1884 (40) Oakwood Cemetery, Austin, Texas

Dick Toby   1880’s   Boothill, Tombstone AZ (shot by Sheriff John Behan)

Red River Tom   1880’s   Boothill, Tombstone AZ (real name unknown, Shot and killed by Ormsby)

Gov. Fredrick A. Tritle  Nov. 18, 1906  Phoenix, Arizona – (Tombstone stock broker appointed territorial governor of Arizona By president Chester Arthur Feb. 6, 1882 serving until 1887.

James Tulley   1881   Boothill, Tombstone, AZ (fell 250 feet to the bottom of a mine shaft, miner,Grand Central
Mining Co.

Tom J. Waters   July 1880  Boothill, Tombstone AZ (shot to death by his prospecting friend and cabin mate
Edward Lyter Bradshaw after an argument over a blue and black checked shirt, Bradshaw was acquitted in Sept.1880)

Eva Waters   1880’s   Boothill, Tombstone AZ (3 months old)

Jos. Wetsell   1882   Boothill, Tombstone AZ (stoned to death by Apache Indians)

John Wickstrum   1882   Boothill, Tombstone AZ (crushed and suffocated while digging a well. Swede

Glenn Will   1953   Boothill, Tombstone AZ (his son sent Glenn’s ashes COD $1.92 to the city of Tombstone, to be buried in Boothill.

Delia William   1881   Boothill, Tombstone, AZ (suicide by taking arsenic, colored lodging house proprietress)

Johnnie Wilson  1880’s   Boothill, Tombstone AZ (shot by King)

George Whitcer  1882   Boothill, Tombstone, AZ (cable snapped sending his miners cage down a shaft)

Marshal Fred White  Oct. 28 1880 (32) Boothill, Tombstone (accidentally killed by Curly Bill Brocius on Sixth Street)

John Whittman   1897  Little Lake Cemetery, Norwalk, California (Miner)

William Whitehill  1878   Boothill, Tombstone AZ (shot)

Harry Woods   1896   Sasabe, Arizona (Nugget Newspaper Editor)

Texas Jack Vermillion 1900   Drowned in Lake Michigan, buried in Virginia

John V. Vickers  Jan. 1913 (62)  Los Angeles, California area (cattleman)

James Vizina   Apr. 16, 1907  Colma Cemetery, San Francisco, California (Tombstone store building developer)

Jasper Von   1882   Boothill, Tombstone – (shot)

John S. Vosburg  Jan. 9, 1931  Evergreen Cemetery, Los Angeles, California

Joseph Ziegler 1882   Boothill, Tombstone, AZ (shot through the left breast by fellow miner Ed Williams behind the old ice house near the corner of Toughnut and Fifth Streets.


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